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When you get the error message about 30 seconds after you turn on your receiver stating that there is a serious problem detected and you should call Dish,  Here are some solutions:

1.  Recheck your connection points on the board.  This is usually the problem.  Check and recheck your connections.  If you are on the wrong point you will always get this message

2.  Sometimes the wires going to the solder points need to be shortened to only a few inches long.  The length I cut them usually works fine but some receivers may be a little picky and sense just the slightest change in voltage.   Before doing this I would do step 1 first.

3.  If you are still having problems,  try reading posts at some of the forums on the internet.  Often someone will have had the same problem and the solution already figured out.  Here are some good places to start:


Pirate's Den

Inner Matrix